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Cross at Sunset - Photo by David Dibert on Unsplash

Dearly Beloved in Christ

Dr Chris Kurien
Rev. Dr. Chris Kurien

From Pastor Christopher Kurien

Greetings to you in our Lord’s name!

We’re almost beginning another beautiful fall season. As we start wrapping up summer and moving into fall, it feels like a new start, a fresh beginning, a time to reorient our lives.

However, some situations continue to be a concern. With news about the Delta variant, we wonder how this will play out. All we can do is to ask for God’s help in these challenging times.

As a church family, we’ve followed CDC guidelines and our conference recommendations. We’re asking everyone to wear masks for in-person services. Friends, as others have mentioned, we may have to live with this reality for a long time, so let us prepare ourselves. Many places in the world do not have sufficient vaccinations to offer everyone. We are blessed to have them in our country, and I urge everyone to encourage friends and family to get vaccinated if they haven’t already. Let us also pray for God’s continued protection to be given to everyone.

As students and teachers begin another year, most area schools are starting in-person classes with a mask mandate, and some may have virtual classes as well. We ask for God’s continued blessings upon all our students and teachers as they begin a new year with unique situations.

Let us also keep earthquake victims in Haiti and the crisis in Afghanistan in our thoughts and prayers. I cannot imagine the devastations these countries are going through. UMCOR is receiving donations for the disaster in Haiti (UMCOR # 982450).

This has also been a difficult season for many of our families. Some have lost close friends and family in the past year. We pray for God’s comfort to be given to everyone.

One of the joys of fall at our church is the celebration of our founding. September is our church anniversary month. I’m truly grateful that we could have a wonderful 75th anniversary celebration on May 23. God willing, many former pastors will join us on September 12, 10am, for Anniversary Sunday. Please plan to come and participate as you are able.

Our Charge Conference this year is on October 16, at 10 am. It will be an online, joint meeting with other area churches. As usual we have reports to be completed, and I hope God will help us to accomplish everything in timely fashion.

I always give thanks to God for all of our Lincoln Park family. While there have been many transitional matters to take care of in the office, I appreciate all  who have been providing assistance.

Wishing you all a great fall season!!

Blessings and prayers,

Pastor Chris

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