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Hello, and welcome to Summit!

We meet on Sunday nights from 4–6 and our group consists of grades 6–12. As a ministry, we love spending time together both in and outside of the church! Once a month we try to get out in the community to do either a community outreach event or a fellowship event. These events range from serving at local non-profits in the city to laser tag!

Summit also does a week long trip over the summer. In 2020, we will be attending The Philadelphia Project from June 21–27, and it gives us an opportunity to serve the less fortunate in the city of Philadelphia. There is so much more that we could say about Summit, but we’d encourage you to come check it out for yourself; we would love to have you!

Coming Up:

Our students are going back to The Philadelphia Project on June 21–27; donations to help offset the cost of the trip would be appreciated. I’ll have information on upcoming fundraisers soon. — Kyle


Summit - Youth Room
Summit – Youth Room


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