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Children's MinistryOur children’s program includes Sunday School lessons for nursery-aged children (babies through pre-kindergarten.) Taught by our 2 nursery attendants, the same lesson of stories, prayers, crafts, and music is offered at 9AM, 10AM, and 11 AM.

A new class for kindergarten through grade 3 will now be offered each Sunday. Additional activities for these two age groups have included service projects such as gathering clothing for a congregation in West Virginia, gathering toys for a local shelter, making cards and gifts for our shut-ins, visiting them, and even hosting a party for them celebrating with games and snacks.

Children’s Ministry Throughout The Year

Our children sing monthly in a Cherub Choir, participate in the family Christmas party, and in the Christmas Eve pageant and Family Sunday service on Mother’s Day. Vacation Bible School is held for three nights in July for children from age 2 to grade 3. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me,” and we, along with their parents, and our church family, are helping our children to know, follow and love Jesus.

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