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Look for the Good This Summer

Dr Chris Kurien
Rev. Dr. Chris Kurien

From Pastor Christopher Kurien

Dear Friends,

Greetings to you in our Lord’s name! On May 23, we had a wonderful 75th anniversary celebration as a church family. I thank all those who helped to make it a special time. God willing, we’ll conclude our 75th anniversary year on Anniversary Sunday, September 12, at 10am.  We look forward to having many former pastors and friends joining us.

Summer is already here and by the time you get this News-Linc in your hands, you’ll be getting ready for (or already celebrated) the Fourth of July. We thank God for the freedoms we enjoy in our country and gratefully remember men and women who have died defending our freedoms. Summer also marks the end of a school year and is a time to thank God for all our students, teachers, and staff who have successfully completed another school year, especially in the midst of a challenging year. We congratulate all those who have graduated this year!

Although we now have the opportunity to worship in-person and are feeling a level of normalcy, we’re still living through a pandemic, dealing with the loss of dear ones and other issues, including getting vaccines available to many parts of the world. Most of us could not enjoy relaxing with friends and family during the past year. Christy and I were hoping to visit our relatives and friends in India, but we had to postpone our trip for another year due to the high number of Covid cases in India and travel restrictions.

Most of us enjoy nice warm days as long as we’re not in direct sun. Cool breezes, humidity, rainstorms, and heat are part of the season. Flowers are everywhere. Look for something good during summer to appreciate God’s beautiful creation. Try to plant flowers and vegetables and enjoy watching them grow. Gardening requires labor and time to take care of the grounds and the plants. Look for something good that delights even if you’re unable to travel.

For those who have lost family members in the recent months, we keep you in our prayers. Jeanne Perkins passed away on April 24, and her funeral will be on July 10. She was almost 102, and what a blessed life! During the past year, some of our faithful church members have moved away due to Covid-19 to be closer to family. We really miss them and feel their absence at Lincoln Park. Let us keep each other in prayers.

May you all have a blessed summer!

Pastor Chris

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