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Easter Sunday 2021

Blessings to Everyone this Easter Season!

Dear Friends,

Sunday mornings are not only times to be spiritually nourished, but also to be in community as friends and families. Thank God, we’ve been able to reopen our church for in-person services, following CDC guidelines.

Dr Chris Kurien
Rev. Dr. Chris Kurien
Being together on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday was special this year! We all realize how much we’ve missed each other. Thankfully, many members have been or soon will be vaccinated, thanks be to God.

We’re happy that the church could reach out to the community in new ways; we’ve been able to watch our worship services online. We’ve become novices, learning and adapting: Teachers instruct on-line, therapists see clients via zoom, and friends communicate over social media. Every facet of life has been affected.

These are challenging times, not only due to the pandemic, but also to the violence in our society. We pray for those impacted by shooting incidents and for a peaceful resolution to the George Floyd case in Minnesota.

Let me bring to your attention something very special in the life of our congregation. As you recall, our 75th anniversary celebration was postponed due to the pandemic. Now that the church is re-opened, we have a new date to celebrate this special anniversary. On Sunday May 23, we’ll celebrate this milestone in the life of our church. Interestingly, May 23 is the Pentecost Sunday, considered the birthday of the Church. It’s special that our Bishop and District Superintendent have agreed to be with us. It will be wonderful to have as many people as possible to be present that day. Perhaps you’ve moved or been inactive and this may be a good time to come back and connect with old friends and make new friends. You won’t want to miss this special day.

We also observe other special days during May and June. On Mother’s Day,  May 9, we’ll celebrate our mothers and mother-like figures that day. The contribution of mothers in the life of a family is so important. We thank God for their sacrificial lives. On May 16, we’ll also celebrate Ascension Sunday, remembering our Lord’s ascension into heaven as His disciples watch Him ascend. With Father’s Day, June 20, we’ll spend time in worship thanking God for the contributions of all father and father figures in our midst.

And, when schools close for summer, we hope those who are able, can take a vacation from their routines and refresh. May God’s love abound in every situation.

With Best Wishes and Prayers,

Pastor Chris

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