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Behold: A Sower Went Forth

“Behold:  A Sower Went Forth” (God’s Work: Our Hands)   “Behold, a Sower Went Forth…”   What may come as a surprise to some of you what was a surprise to my family and friends was that after two years…

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Let The Children Come Unto Me

Sermon - Mark 10:13-16   “Let the little children come to me; do not stop them, for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs.”   In the book of Exodus, Chapter 1, verse 8, we…

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The Good Shepherd

Sermon: The Good Shepherd “I am the Good Shepherd. I know my own and my own know me.” John 10:14 Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia I had very limited knowledge of sheep. The little I knew came from…

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Easter Sermon 2012

Easter Sermon 2012 As she walked along alone just as the sun was rising above the hillside she recalled the day when they first met when Jesus had delivered her from seven evil spirits and a life of prostitution. She…

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Good Friday Meditation

Good Friday Meditation: John 19: 16b-30 “When Jesus had received the wine, he said, “It is finished.” Then he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.” In his chapter on conquering the fear of death Rabbi Harold Kushner recalls…

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