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Bible Reading Program

from Pastor Chris

The purpose of the Bible reading program is to read the Bible in a certain number of days like 300, 240, or 180 days. Anyone from anywhere in the world can join. Each person can read according to their convenience, and it could be done one sitting or at different times in a day.

Use of study materials like Bible Dictionary or a Bible Commentary can be helpful, but not necessary.

Reading materials and reflections are shared through a WhatsApp group and they come from people all over the world, and this will help us to understand the Bible better. These days using search engines like Google can be helpful to clear our doubts or questions we may have.

Please consider joining the program to read and study God’s Word systematically.

There are already thousands of WhatsApp groups with 10 or more people participating in each group in the reading program. Hundreds of people from all over the world, in many languages are joining everyday. Each person can read and study God’s word at home, at their convenience without any expenses.

You will be able to read the Bible with your friends, family members, neighbors, and with any other contacts anywhere in the world. You may consider joining as a group admin in this program to join your family and friends. Some people may decide to take down important points for future reference. There are many possibilities. At least if we are able to read and meditate on God’s word, it will be a great blessing to us and many.

Let us know of you’re interest by filling out our CONNECT form, and select “I’d like to join the Bible Reading Program”

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