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Salvation Army Angel Tree 2021

UPDATE: December 5

Thank you to all our members who contributed gifts and monetary contributions for our Angel Tree mission. We were able to purchase all the items except a baby swing. Also several gift cards were purchased to provide for additional needs for the family.

— Missions Committee

Adopt-A Family Christmas Project with the Salvation Army is off and running. We must have all our presents ready soon.


With our hearts beginning to feel the joy of “Christmas Love” the thoughts of giving gifts is on many of our minds. Once again our thoughtful and generous church has volunteered to sponsor a local family for our annual Angel Tree Project.

Since quite a few people have still not returned to “live” church services, we will not choose our gift items at church. Like last year, everyone is invited to choose and select items from the list found at the end of this e-mail.

In order to prevent duplicate purchases you need to follow these procedures. First choose any item or items that you wish to buy for the family. Call Diane Fisher at 610-777-0378. Ask Diane if your selection is still available. If no one has already picked your selection she will place your name next to what you have chosen to donate. Then when the next person calls, Diane will be able to inform the caller which items are still available. If you would prefer to donate money, instead of shopping, that is also an option. Just let Diane know the amount you will be sending to church. Be sure to mark the donation as “Mission Angle Tree Donation.” The Mission committee will then use that fund to buy any items that have not been chosen from the list. We also accept monetary donations to use for purchasing gift cards for the family’s needs.

When you have your gifts please wrap or gift bag them. Secure a tag on your package that includes both the family’s #: SS-11441 and also the name of which family member is to receive your gift. If the item is for the entire family just label it with # SS-11441 and the word “Family.” At the bottom please write that the gift is from LPCUMC.

All gifts need to be returned to church (Wagner Room/back of Sanctuary) or the church office anytime before 1:00 pm on Friday, December 3rd. If no one is in the office you can leave the gifts on the porch (plastic bin). If you feel uncomfortable leaving your gift in the bin, or if it is too big to fit, please call Carol Bashore (610-678-1802) or Diane Fisher (610 777-0378) and we will come to open the office or pick up your packages at your home.

Thank you for your participation in this worthwhile project.

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