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The Well Project

Well Project Update – We Are Almost There!

From Carol Bashore, Missions Chair

Our Goal Is 10 WellsWe are almost there!

Congratulations to our generous congregation. The last report given on our Water for Life project had us being able to purchase a little over 3 wells. Our goal was to be able to donate 10 wells for our 75th Anniversary. Without worshiping in the church, no one has been able to see how our graph continued to grow. But my has it grown! So many of you graciously remembered to keep our water drive alive.

I am happy to announce that we are almost at the top. We are currently at 8+ wells. Since each well costs $750.00 we need just a little more than that to reach the top. And wouldn’t it be wonderful to go even beyond that mark?

Just think how difficult this pandemic has been for us. Imagine living in a village with no clean water. No way to sanitize or to even wash your hands. The spread of this virus has been hard to stop, yet we can still help. Helping others have access to clean water is just one small way.

Please help us reach our goal and help others stay healthy and safe.

Thank you, LPCUMC Missions Team

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