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Christmas Tree

Lincoln Park Family Christmas Party

Christmas TreeSunday, December, 13, from 5–7 pm

From Beverly Perella

“Are you crazy?,” might be your first thought. “There’s only one more Sunday until Christmas!” Yes, I know, and that’s why our Youth Group and Potter’s Wheel Class are offering you these two short, precious hours to de-stress and relax as our church family prepares for the birth of Christ. And, dinner will be prepared for you. There is no food to cook, only food to enjoy!

We’ll begin the evening wrapping books for three Reading School District elementary classes taught by Karen Osika, KC Dianna, Jen Born, and Alyssa Chandler. Word has it that Santa will be present again for pictures. Wonder if Rudolph might join him? The children will be able to select presents for their parents, and you’ll have the opportunity to reach out to our shut-ins by writing a Christmas card. But perhaps most important is that we’ll be supporting Mary’s Shelter and Mary’s House, and New Journey Community Outreach.

Mary’s Shelter and Mary’s House “provide housing and social services to pregnant young women who need a supportive environment because of lack of suitable housing or favorable family relationships.”

Although these charities need a variety of supplies, we’ll focus on baby items. As your entrance ticket to our party, we ask you to bring new items from the following list: Similac formula, diapers of all sizes, bottles, onesies in all sizes, baby wash, shampoo, lotion (but no oil or powder, please), baby wipes, blankets, crib sheets, baby books, toys, and clothing.

Following dinner we’ll have a bit of entertainment. And you’ll be leaving for home at 7. Let’s see if we can break last year’s attendance. That was 90. Can we go for at least 100?

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