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Easter Sunday 2022 - Egg Hunt

Greetings and Blessings This Easter Season!

From Pastor Christopher Kurien

Dear Friends,

Dr Chris Kurien
Rev. Dr. Chris Kurien

As I write this article on Easter Sunday afternoon, I’m grateful to God for the beautiful day we had at church. Easter is the reason the church has been gathering for the past 2000 years. Just think, if our Lord’s resurrection didn’t happen, there would not have been a church.

After two years of Covid restrictions, many have returned to in-person worship services. One blessing during the pandemic — for those living far away or those unable to attend services in-person — was being able to gather weekly as a church community through a hybrid model of online worship experience. These services have been available through our church website:

Just as the resurrected Lord continued to appear to His beloved disciples during post-resurrection days until His ascension, we’ve been able to celebrate his daily presence as a church community. And this experience of the risen Lord follows us into the joys and struggles of everyday life.

We were delighted to welcome four new members who joined the church on Palm Sunday, and to celebrate a baptism on Easter Sunday.

Also the Easter Egg hunt was a great success. It was a joy (and a lot of fun) to see most of our children and many neighborhood children on our church lawn. It was a lot of fun. Thanks to KC Dianna for organizing it.

Irina Shmeleva, our new Music Director, is getting familiarized with our church family and with the choir. We’ve also welcomed Barb Leas as our Interim Children’s Ministry Coordinator. Barb is actively working to organize in-person Sunday School and VBS. We also hope to fill the Youth Coordinator position in the future.

During May and June, we celebrate many special days. On Mother’s Day, May 8, we’ll praise and thank God for the women who have influenced us with their sacrificial, exemplary lives. Father’s Day, on June 19, gives us opportunity to thank God for the men who’ve made significant contributions to our lives. Also, on the Church calendar we have two important days to observe during coming weeks: Ascension Sunday on May 29 and Pentecost Sunday, June 5.

Our world is going through a difficult time with the Ukraine conflict. The atrocities committed for the past two months have been unbelievable. The people of Ukraine need our prayers and support. Whenever crisis hits the world, our denomination, through UMCOR, is in the forefront to help. Our UMC bishops and leaders in the Baltic region have been involved to offer humanitarian help. Let us continue to pray hard for a resolution of the conflict.

Friends, may we find ways to support and be involved in the life of our church. May the Lord help us to be Easter people.


Peace and blessings,

Pastor Chris



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