Sunday School

Sunday School at Lincoln Park

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Women's Sunday School Class

Sunday School for All Ages

Adult Sunday School

During the year, we offer three adult classes on Sunday mornings: our Women’s Class and Bible Study Class that meet in the Perkins Education Building during the 10 o’clock hour, and a Topics Class that meets during the same time in Memorial Hall. Jesus said “Come and follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” Discipleship is a life-long commitment and journey. I pray that you will avail yourselves to opportunities to strengthen your faith.

Meets in the Church Library in the Perkins Education Building 10–10:50 am

Meets in the Perkins Building, Room 103, from 10:15–10:55. All women are welcome!

ADULT CLASS in Memorial Hall (downstairs)
In May and June, the Topics Sunday School Class will view and discuss Pastor Adam Hamilton’s video series Confronting the Controversies: Biblical Perspectives on Tough Issues. Hamilton’s controversial issues include: The Separation of Church and State, Evolution, Prayer in Schools, Abortion, and Homosexuality. We meet downstairs in Memorial Hall from 10:10-10-50 am.

This discussion class will be led by various presenters throughout the year.

Children’s Sunday School

The Potter’s Wheel Class (Grades 1-6) meets from 9:15-10:35 on Sunday mornings.

Beverly Perella will lead from 9:15–10:00 am, focusing on the theme through music, dance, and drama. The second part of the articulated lesson will begin at 10 am with another teacher. This will be a more traditional Bible lesson with emphasis on the Bible references, prayer, and stories. At 10:35 the children will be served snacks and have guided activities to complete, if desired, until parents pick them up at the end of the adult Sunday School program.

Children who attend our 9 am service with their parents will go to the Potter’s Wheel Class after the Children’s Message at 9:15. Parents who attend the 11 am service may bring their children at 9:15 for the entire class, or at 10 for the second part.

While both parts of Potter’s Wheel class are independent, the theme for both is the same. Thus, all children can benefit from both parts, or only one.

Parents who attend the 9 am service are encouraged to remain until 10:35 and visit with other parents and enjoy snacks. And they would certainly be invited to attend an adult class if they desire.

Nursery Education
The children in the Nursery (Infant through Kindergarten) will have a weekly Bible lesson during both the 9 and 11 am services. Each child will receive a coloring–book style hand-out each week.

Youth Sunday Class

Our Youth Sunday Morning Class is held from 10:10–10:50, in the Youth Room. We will be using Group’s Live Curriculum A Jesus-Centered Life. Youth Sunday Morning Class is for all youth, grades 6–12.

The mission of Christian Education at Lincoln Park Church is to:

  • Change lives by inviting and encouraging all ages of LP members to participate in a life-long journey of learning the essentials of the Scriptures and the Christian faith.
  • Challenge members to connect their faith to their daily lives.
    Involve members in sharing God’s love by serving Him through outreach and mission ministries in the larger church and world communities.
  • Provide safe, quality, Christian relationships and environments for all the church’s teaching/educational ministries.
  • Initiate and present fellowship and learning events that support the church’s mission of seeking and sharing Christ.