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Worship With Us – July and August 2016

9am WorshipOver the summer, we’ll contemplate Paul’s letter to the Church in Ephesus, which celebrates the life of the Church: a unique community established by God through the work of Jesus Christ, and established for God’s purposes in the world. The Church is diverse and set apart for love and the redemption of the world.




July 3 Destined for Adoption Ephesians 1:3-14
July 10 A Dwelling Place for God Ephesians 2:11-22
July 17 Guest Preacher: Becky Chadwick  
July 24 Guest Preacher: The Rev. Cliff Flick  
July 31 Godly Sorrow 2 Corinthians 7:1-13
Aug. 7 Be Angry, But Do Not Sin Ephesians 4:17-52
Aug. 14 Making the Most of Your Time Ephesians 5: 15-20
Aug. 21 The Full Armor of God Ephesians 6:10-20
*Aug. 28 (One Service at 10 AM) ANNIVERSARY SUNDAY with The Rev. Mindy McKonly  


*Anniversary Sunday, August 28

On August 28, we’ll celebrate our 71st anniversary with the Rev. Melinda L. McKonly, pastor of Lincoln Park Community UMC from 1986–1988. We will join together for our celebration at 10 am, followed by a pot-luck luncheon in Memorial Hall. Please remember to mark this special occasion in your calendar.

Worship With Us – May and June

9am WorshipDuring the month of May, we will conclude our sermon series “Grounded: Finding God in the World” and begin a new series entitled “Not in God’s Name,” based on Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’ book Not in God’s Name: Confronting Religious Violence.  Living in an age of religious extremism and violence, we will explore its supposed biblical roots to find that “to invoke God to justify violence against an innocent is never an act of sanctity but sacrilege.”  The God we worship in Jesus does not condone but rather grieves for those who use violence for said religious reasons… “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”


May 1 Grounded: Finding God in the World: Revelation  
May 8 Family Sunday (one service 10 AM)  
May 15 Not in God’s Name: Bad Faith Genesis 6:5-8
May 22 Not in God’s Name: Sibling Rivalry Genesis 21:1-14
May 29 Not in God’s Name: The Stranger, Justice & the Particularity of Love I Chr. 29:10-16
June 5 Not in God’s Name: Relinquishing Power and Letting Go of Hate Matt. 22:15-22
June 12 Music Sunday  
June 19 Guest Preacher – Kyle Robbins, Lincoln Park UMC Youth Pastor Deuteronomy 6:1-9
June 26 Guest Preacher – Steve Belinski Deuteronomy 30:9-14; Luke 10:25-37

Please Join Us On Easter Sunday, March 27

We’ll gather for two services, at 9 and 11 am, celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord. Our celebration will include the Flowering of the Cross (folks are invited to bring a flower), and photos taken up front at the end of both services. Get Directions to Lincoln Park

Easter Sunday - Flowering The Cross

Bring Your Easter Basket!

This year’s Easter Egg Hunt will take place on Easter Sunday between the 9 and 11 am services. Please gather downstairs in Memorial Hall by 10:15, and remember your Easter basket!

Easter alter 2015

Worship With Us – March and April 2016

9am WorshipDuring the month of March, we continue with our Sermon Series “Learning to Walk in the Dark”. While most of us would love to avoid the darkness, few of us are ever spared. When darkness comes, rather than reaching for the nearest light switch, what if we tried to understand what the darkness has to teach us about God, ourselves, and others. God can be found in darkness, if we search for him with all our heart. There are some things we can learn in the dark that we will never learn in the light.

In April, we will begin a new sermon series entitled “Finding God in the World” based on a book written by Diane Butler-Bass. Many today are looking for a Christian spirituality which connects them to everyday life. There is an old saying that “some Christians are so heavenly minded that they’re no earthly good.” In the words of Pearl Buck, God created this “good earth” and can be found herein if we have eyes to see.


March 6 “Learning to Walk in the Dark: Addictions” Romans 7:13-25
March 13 Youth Sunday “Learning to Walk in the Dark: Adolescence”
March 20 “Learning to Walk in the Dark: Mental Illness” Luke 8:26-39
March 24 Holy Thursday, 7PM, “Learning to Walk in the Dark: The End of Life & Death” John 19:17-30; 21:15-19
March 27 Easter – “Learning to Walk in the Dark: Caves” Matthew 28:1-10
April 3 Finding God in the World: Roots Genesis 5:1-5; Matthew 1:1-17
April 10 Finding God in the World: Home Ruth 1:16-17; John 14:23
April 17 Finding God in the World: Neighborhood Matthew 22:37-40; Luke 10:25-37
April 24 Finding God in the World: Commons Acts 2:17-18


Worship With Us – January and February 2016

9 am Worshipfrom Pastor Dave

Beyond our comprehension, we often call upon our imagination to arrive at images that somehow convey how we understand and experience God’s presence in our lives. We say that God, for us, is like a “Shepherd”, or a “King” or our “Refuge and Strength”. The Bible contains hundreds if not thousands of images for God, but we’ve mostly become fixated upon only a few.

In my sermon series, based on a book written by Episcopal Priest and author Lauren Werner, we will consider ways in which we meet God, which are in the Bible, but are often overlooked. This is no small matter. As we increase the number of ways that we can imagine God, if we consider and select our images wisely, we may find ourselves meeting God much more often, and in turn, have our lives transformed in ways we’ve never imagined?



January 10 “Wearing God: Clothing” Galatians 3:23-27; Romans 13:14; Col. 3:10, 12-14)
January 17 “Wearing God: Smell” 2 Corinthians 2:14-17; John 12:1-8
January 24 Cancelled due to Winter Storm
January 31 “Wearing God: God as Laboring Woman” Genesis 3:16; Isaiah 42:14
February 7 Guest Preacher – Rev. Sara Davis-Shappell
February 10 Ash Wednesday Service (7 PM)
February 14 Confirmation (One Service 10 AM) “Wearing God: “Water & Fire” Acts 2:1-4
February 21 “Learning to Walk in the Dark: Who’s Afraid of the Dark” Psalm 139
February 28 “Learning to Walk in the Dark: The Fear of the Lord” Deuteronomy 4:9-14


Worshipping as a community makes us accountable to one another, supporting one another and growing together as we clothe ourselves in Christ and compassion. We are stronger when we are together.

Worship With Us – November and December

sunday-worship (Large)In November, we continue our sermon series Transformed: How God Changes Us based on a sermon series by Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in California. In this series we learn how to be transformed through the renewing of our minds, leading to changes in how we see and order our world as disciples of Christ.

During December, we prepare for and welcome our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is Emmanuel: God with us. Come and worship, surrendering all that holds you back from the freedom and love God is ever coming to bring to us and our world!


Nov. 1 Transformed in My Mental Health (All Saints Day) Philippians 4:8
Nov. 8 Transformed in My Emotional Health Mark 12:29,30
Nov. 15 Transformed in My Relational Health I Peter 4:8
Nov. 22 Transformed in My Financial Health Proverbs 3:9
Nov. 29 Transformed in My Vocational Health Colossians 3:23
Dec. 6 Preparing the Way Matthew 3:1-12
Dec. 13 ANNUAL CHRISTMAS CANTATA (Late Service) Luke 1:47-55
Dec. 20 Emmanuel: God with US Matthew 1:18-25
Dec. 25 CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICES (7 and 10 pm)